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Last Night Con Club Do

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did anyone go? anything to report and who were the ex players that turned up?


  • or apologies if has been reported already an i've mised it. only skimmed through today.
  • Didn't make it. Had a text from Mr C. saying that they were watching the Full Members cup final. Mad83 went I understand.
  • Yeah I was there with a mate.

    About 20ish turned up, felt a bit sorry for Mr C as the players blew him out, other commitments.

    But everyone seemed to enjoy them selves and it was just nice to hear some of the funny accounts of the 1,500 Charlton fans trying to get back without being killed.

    We watched some of the full members game which I have never seen much of, the first ever Charlton appearance on MOTD, highlights of both playoffs and from the 80's onwards of the centenary DVD which jogged some good memories.

    Also the raffle raised £130 pounds for a cancer charity which was good.
  • suprised there was such a low turnout
  • I will admit it wasn't advertised that much I don't think.

    I only found out about it off Henry on here, I suppose being a weeknight didn't help four of may friends that were up for it but couldn't make it because of that.

    As I said to Mr C last night next year if they do one for the 98 playoff it should be a lot bigger turn out.

    I think the anniversary is on a Sunday, which isn't ideal but it should still be better then mid week, also there were 20 times the number of fans at Wembley naturally have a bigger pull.

    Also with it being 20 years ago a lot of the fans that went may have moved far away out of the parish.
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