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Hull City

Hull fans just thrown tennis balls on pitch


  • Hull fans just thrown tennis balls on pitch

  • Abandon the game and dock em 10 points.

    This cannot be allowed or other teams might start getting ideas.
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    Disgusting, probably just wanted to sell a few more copies of their magazine.
  • It was only two percent of the fans though.

    It is this behaviour which cost them game.
  • City of Culture, bringing tennis to the masses.
  • Obviously upset at what's being "served" up on the pitch!
  • Vinegar pissers.
  • Are they upset with owners ?
  • You cannot be serious?
  • I thought we played Wimbledon yesterday?
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  • they have an owner who after having paid to get them to the premier and then failing to persuade the FA to allow a name change to Hull Tigers, has lost interest in the club and has cut financing to the marrow of the bone, he's in poor health and his potential heir is not interested in football ..
    their best players have been sold, their excellent manager from last year has gone, the club is in a mess with no take-over in site .. a deja vu of our Glickstein era ? ... no doubt the CAFC fans' CARD campaign has influenced the demonstrations and protests .. we will see what happens to a club for which I have a soft spot .. in the short term at least, the prospects are bleak .. the team is playing terrible football and losing .. I just hope that a Coventry type implosion is not on the cards
  • interesting article here from the owner's POV

    Even more interesting are the comments, as the article doesn't include anything from supporters.
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    club with a lot of potential despite the competition from two popular rugby league teams .. nice stadium, not too much local competition (football wise) and potentially good crowds .. with the right investment and backing the club could be on a similar footing to (say) Leicester .. stability and assurance for a few years is required
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