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Charlton players mini quiz

Questions that need answers.

The rules are, you have to list as many players that you can think of for each select category.

When you see this post, you cannot look at other posts before you list your answers.

The person with the most players correctly listed, wins.

You can also win the individual nationality....if you have the most answers for a particular country.

Hoping for some obscure ones.

Name as many charlton players, past or present, dead or alive that are;

1. French

2. German

3. Spanish

4. Portuguese

5 Dutch

6 Belgian

7. Italian

8. Scandinavian

9. Irish/NI

10. Scottish/welsh

11. Russian

12. African (continent)

13 Asian (Australasia included etc)

14. North American

15. Central American/South American

16. Any other European country not listed.


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