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First season in Serie A and its been a reality check for them

12 games
0 wins
0 draws
12 defeats

5 goals scored
31 conceded

I wonder if any team has every gone through a top flight season on 0 points

To be fair they were beating juventus 1-0 in turin at half time today before juventus won 2-1


  • Play in blue AND red I take it? It's just plain wrong.
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    Their story is a miracle as to how they got to Serie A so I think they will just be enjoying the ride. Great for the town and great for exposure and money.

    They've got a great little player called Ciciretti though.
  • Benny Vento? Used to manage Millwall.
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    No worries......Big Sam has made contact.
  • Are they Palace in disguise ?

    Ridiculous comparison. They're outscoring Palace so far this season.
  • Get Harry in there, he would sort them out.
  • I would say Curbs but its not in London
  • home to 3rd bottom Sassuolo today

    1-0 down after 57 minutes
    1-1 after 65 minutes
    Benevento down to 10 men after 67 minutes
    Sassuolo get 92nd minute penalty and miss
    Sassuolo get 94th minute winner
  • Worst start to a season from any side in the top 5 european leagues in the entire history of football.

    Played 13, lost 13.
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  • Previous record of 12 was Manchester United
  • Turned over the tv to avoid that paddy power advert that seems to follow us everywhere ‘footballs my favourite game, except for all these bums in my face’ and saw this live, superb!!! Goalie on loan from juventus I think. Thought he’d have been damaged from the bundle!
  • dizzee said:

    They’ve won back to back now in Serie A. I’m enjoying tracking their progress. Every goal is celebrated like a cup winning goal. The whole bench and coaching team ran all over the pitch when they scored today. Brilliant stuff.

    That’s why it’s the beautiful game. Got to love an underdog

  • Finally got a point thanks to a 95th minute goal from their keeper

    Bloody hell, sign him up. Powered that in, right in the bottom corner. Keeper no chance.
  • Another win today. 89th minute. Great to watch.
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