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Games/Teams watched other than those involving Charlton

I was thinking as I was posting on the 2nd team thread of how many pro games/teams I have been to that weren't Charlton games.

Home teams

Spurs x 5
Chelsea x 1
Wimbledon x 1
Palarse x 2
Maidstone Utd x 2
Brighton x 1(Fans United Game)
West Ham x 1

I can't remember all the away sides for these games but Liverpool and Arsenal at least once each

Actually thats not very long, I suspect some lifers have a much longer list.


  • christ, really couldn't list them all.

    As a kid, my dad regularly would take me to a different London club for a game.

    With buying in advance and the prices, i doubt many are able to do that now.
  • Too many to mention. In a previous life I travelled a lot with work so would take in midweek matches if the demands of the job allowed.
  • Same as len, done a lot of travelling, 2 many to list.
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    Arse v Man Yoo
    Barca v Valencia
    Barca v Valladolid
    Depor v Barca
    Valencia v Barca (x2)
    Barca v Atletico
    Barca v Real (x2)
    Barca v Oviedo
    Espanyol v Barca (x2)
    Barca v Depor
    Barca v Sampdoria
    Sutton Utd v Carshalton Athletic
    Welling v Sutton Utd
    Spain v England
    Enlgand v Spain
    Palermo v Messina
    Palermo v Fiorentina

    And before you say its sad that I can list them all - its because I have the ticket stubs from them all (except Sutton & Welling!)

    Mind you, that probably makes me even sadder...
  • When Charlton played on Fridays or long distance away, I used to go to West Ham or Orient in the 1970s. Too many games to remember, though I do remember Boxing Days watching West Ham v Spurs at lunch time and Charlton at home in the evening. And walked between the grounds - via a few pubs.
  • Villa away at Spurs, Fulham, Palace, Portsmouth, Sheffield United

    Spurs away at Sheffield United

    Orient home to a lot of teams and away at Oxford, Southend

    Oldham away at Doncaster
  • Quite a few, the one that most stands out was Spurs v Liverpool in November 1987, it was El Tel's first game in charge and WHL was absolutely packed, about 48,000 if I remember rightly.

    We were in the Liverpool end and it was crush central with loads of "crowd surges" down the terracing and a number of scousers urinating from the top of the terraces rather than take the 30 yard walk to the actual bogs.

    Liverpool won 2-0 as part of their 28 game unbeaten run, can't remember who scored though. Maybe Houghton and Barnes now I think about it.
  • seen plenty of millwall games home and away.

    Seen a few westham home games including westham millwall at bolyn.

    thats about it!
  • Like mentioned previously I've spent large chunks of my working life away from home and got the oportunity to take in many a game as a neutral.

    Bristol City a few times, Leeds, Harrogate, Dundee, Derry, Bury, Lincoln, Hull City, Hearts, Barcelona, Wycombe, York City, Luton, Rochdale (worst out of all of them) and many more.

    I couldn't give a rats arse about any of their results though
  • a sign of how things have afka said, years ago, if charlton weren't at home or we weren't going to the away game, i'd look at that days fixtures over the breakfast table and say to my dad 'so and so's playing whoever today, do you fancy it' and off we'd go, turn up at the gate and pay to get in...late sixties, early seventies we took in a lot of chelsea's matches, stamford bridge was definitely the place to go at that time with charlie cook, bobby tambling, chopper harris, marvin hinton, eddie macreadie, peter osgood, tony hately, peter bonetti etc etc (though as 'glamorous' and exciting as it all was, charlton were irreplaceable as my team, plus highbury, particularly the double year, wasn't too keen on west ham, i always felt it was a bit of a shthole of a ground, or jumped on the 53 to the den if my dad was at work...
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  • the past couple of years i've been to everton v liverpool, chelsea v blackburn, roma v lazio, celtic v hearts but not that many before that i don't reckon.

    i get offered a st for chelsea for some games, but i'm always watching charlton (or listening) so don't use it. would feel wrong seeing a game if it wasn't charlton and they were playing at the same time.
    only went chelsea blackburn this season because charlton were away at bolton on a tuesday night and i spent the whole evening glued to my phone waiting for updates. didn't enjoy it.
  • Loads of Welling gamesover the years

    Fulham V Spurs cup game from 82's
    Palace V Norwich a couple of years back
    Palace V Everton 80's
    Arsenal V some team CL around 2000
    A few Millwall back in the 80's when we were away
    Orient V dunno

    A few more cant think of now
  • Lots of Welling United
    Quite a few Millwall in the 70's when too young to travel with Charlton (no money!)
    Liverpool v Spurs on a freebie with a client a few years ago
    Eintracht Frankfurt a few times as I work there a lot
    Chelsea a couple of times in the 70's - I remember going there one Easter afternoon after we had played in the morning - as LTGTR mentions, it was a lot easier then as you just needed to pitch up at the grounds and you would get in
  • Watch Southend about 5 or 6 times a season.

    And thats about it.
  • too many to list.
    ones that stand out.
    man u v juventus european cup sf? circa 81
    arsenal v man utd milk cup sf circa 82
    chelsea v boro zds final
    huddersfield swansea autoscreen final
    huddersfield v ? play off final
    huddersfield blackpool last game at leeds road
    and for some reason
    swansea v torquay
    mansfield v hereford
  • Can anyone beat 5 grounds on same day and no football seen?! It was Boxing day or New years day a few years ago i travelled to 5 games desperately trying to see some football. Did Charlton, Fulham, Watford, St Albans & Luton all called off becuase of frozen pitches or waterlogging,
  • Arsenal v Leeds ( a few times when I was a Leeds fan, before I realised where it was)
    Arsenal v Tottenham in 70's, dad was Arsenal and my godfather was Spurs so they used to try and get me to follow their teams.

    West Ham v Brum early 70's with next door neighbour a West Ham hoolie from Belvedere.

    When I worked for a company owned by the railways in mid 80's I used to abuse the free travel and went to too many games to remember, used to go with a Chelsea mate and pick a Friday night match somewhere then get a train to SAcotland for a Saturday game, the ones that stick out....

    Friday night Newport County v Darlo
    Friday night Stockport County v doncaster
    Friday night Doncaster v someone

    Scottish games...
    Hearts v Dundee
    East Fife v Forfar
    Montrose v someone

    and the big derby

    Cowdenbeath v Stenhuisemuir - 'let em all come down to..... Ochilview Park'

    One European Cup game

    Steau Bucharest v Rangers - when Ceacescu (sic?) was still running (down) the country.

    plus plenty of other minor games.
  • Barca vs Hertha berlin

    Roma vs Perugia

    Spain vs England
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    [cite]Posted By: T[/cite]Can anyone beat 5 grounds on same day and no football seen?! It was Boxing day or New years day a few years ago i travelled to 5 games desperately trying to see some football. Did Charlton, Fulham, Watford, St Albans & Luton all called off becuase of frozen pitches or waterlogging,

    What a nightmare. I can't beat that but I did go to the same Orient v Charlton game three times in the late 70's which was abandonned, then called off and finally went ahead and completed the following day.

    I've just realised that I have forgotten four Norwich City games I've seen up here since I moved up plus four or five England games.

    When I was a lad I was also a Bromley fan and I used to watch them at home, if Charlton were away. I don't count those as they were not professional games.
  • yeah I went to that Orient game both nights as well, must of been one of my first away games. I also went to my first England game at Wembley late '70s which was also called off for fog (against Bulgaria) and played the following night.
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  • I am probably one of the few Addicks I guess to have been to a Scunthorpe game - I saw them at Glanford Park against Rochdale on a freezing Tuesday night about 7 years ago. Work took me all over the UK, so saw plenty of obscure games.........and customer appointments used to regularly coincide with CAFC away games . Funny that.
  • brighton v soton fa cup at the goldstone early eighties
    palace v swindon and palace v blackburn (away end both times) for the play off games late eighties
    play off finals featuring huddersfield , orient and burnley
    milan v inter
  • Just the two I think. First one was West Ham v Newcastle in the away end, with a friend who was quite disappointed not to get frisked cos they had no female stewards on duty.

    The second was the 1996 Play-off final between Palace and Leicester. A friend of a friend from university was a Leicester fan, but couldn't go as he had one of his finals that day, so I had his ticket instead. The Leicester fans were a bit surprised that someone with a strong south London accent was in their end, but when I explained that I was a Charlton fan and the reason why we hated Palace (apart from the fact that they'd beaten us in the semis), they couldn't have been nicer. And then to cap it all, just after Leicester had brought their giant 6ft 7 keeper on in preparation for penalties, Claridge scored in the last minute to send Leicester up, and everyone went mental.

    In some respects it was more enjoyable than our win in 1998, because while I wanted Leicester to win, I didn't really have anything invested in it, so I could enjoy the match and the banter without all the tension .
  • Oakster - my first ever game was Aldershot v Scunthorpe at The Rec. Circa 1974

    I used to go with mates to all kind of games in my late teens, early 20's to games not involving us when we were away from home. A couple of mates were attempting to do the 92 grounds, so saw some classic lower league stuff.

    Used to go and bunk into Bromley a lot too. My best mates parents were good friends with Frank Stapleton, so (if it didn't clash with a Addicks home game), used to watch Man U in London a lot too.

    And, thinking about it, had some Millwall mates - and watched them a fair few times as well.

    In those days I used to see about 3 games a week.
  • I have also been to a fair few European games....

    Naestved - Silkeborgs
    AIK Stockholm - Hammarby
    PSG - Lille
    Atletico Madrid - Borussia Dortmund
    Real Madrid - Real Soceidad (Mijatovic & Suker tore them apart in a 6-2 demolition)
    Sevilla - Valencia
    Juventus - Austria Vienna
    Fiorentina - Cremonese
    Lazio - Udinese
    Inter Milan - Cagliari
    TSV 1860 Munich - Werder Bremen
    Tenerife - Porto
    Benfica - Boavista
    Belenenses - Estoril

    probably a few more buried in the dim & distant past

    8 Euro 96 games - non involving Engerland

    St Johnstone v Hearts in 83

    Numerous Brighton games from 1983-86 - when i lived down there for a while as a kid (including both FA Cup finals, the 7-0 & 3-5 BHAFC - CAFC games)...........
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