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This bloke knows his stuff

A shortened version of what appears in this week's News Shopper, they've cut out the glowing praise of Dickson after feedback from his 'Dulwich mates'

FOLLOWING Charlton Athletic's relegation to the championship, Alan Pardew, Phil Parkinson and Mark Kinsella are the right personnel to take the club back to the promised land.

Since Pardew took over, Charlton has been playing some decent football.

Luke Young, Darren Bent, Marcus Bent, Dennis Rommedahl, Diawara, Faye, Ambrose, Hreidarrson, Fortune, Kishishev, Myhre and Lisbie must go.

Pardew must buy ready-made replacements. His targets include Chris Perry, Iwelumo, Luke Varney, Jimmy Walker and Teddy Sheringham.

Charlton can bounce back with these players.

Jonathon Acworth
Cervia Way


  • he he...
  • [cite]Posted By: BDL[/cite]NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - He lives near me.

    I am quite unhappy with the representation I am getting on here. Perhaps Mr BDL would care to talk this through over a Babysham at a drinking establishment close to us. Nice to have neighbours that are like me!
  • Oi !!!!

    Change you name back at once mister !!

    Pretending to be someone else is sadly against the rules !!
  • Tee Hee! Scared Big Dave off!
  • lol - for a moment Ithought the 'legend' was online!
  • He's probably the 1 phantom user on this board now.........
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