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Man U and FC United

I do wonder what the FC lot make of Man U at the moment.

League Champions, playing the most exciting football they have in years, just spent over £50m in two days, signing two exciting young skillful players.

So much for the Glazier's bleedin the club dry.....


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    I suspect there'll be two main points of view from FC fans

    1. Man U is now just full of prawn sandwich chewing plastics and not true fans club anymore therefore what we've done is right


    2. Give it time and it'll all fall apart

    If you believe some reports, the Glaziers have already re-financed their borrowings, are looking either to re-finance again because they cannot service their existing debts &/or are looking to sell out. All of that will still the FC lot happy.
  • And they're yet to buy another striker, which they need to do as Smith, Saha, Ole and Rooney are not enough for an extended run at the CL, League and 2 Cups
  • And aren't they one of the few Premiership clubs to have put their season ticket prices up for next season?
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