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The value of players who 'want to be here'

I'm sure it's already been mentioned so sink away if needed, but quotes from KR on the OS


“Today, we came here with 14 outfield players – Johnnie Jackson had nothing left in his legs because he had a hamstring problem the other night and only had five or 10 minutes left in him. Jake Forster-Caskey still has a hamstring problem. Chris Solly has still got a calf problem – we only had Reeco Hackett-Fairchild who was fit to come on as an outfield player for more than 15 minutes.

“I got a knock on my door on Thursday morning from Jake and Sols. They said to me ‘gaffer, even if we can only play five minutes, can we be around the lads. This is now about us sticking together as a football club.’

“They didn’t care that it was a long away trip, they just said that we were in it together. For the two of them not to be fit and to put their bodies on the line for the club, along with Jacko - I’m so proud of them.

Now, whatever the reasons behind someone like Ricky Holmes making a move away from the club, you can't help but feel we're better served by having players at the club like this pair and Jacko, who clearly want to be here, than a disinvested talent like Ricky. And it is a timely reminder that we do have players who 'care' and should not be lumped in with the various fuckwits (or more to the point fuckwit) upstairs that are the true architects of the position we are in.

It's shit that we are having to look to injured players to step and take a lead, but thank you Chris, Jake, and Johnnie for the gesture of solidarity and commitment. For this supporter at least, it means a lot.

Support the team, not the regime.


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