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Some Interesting Freebies

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Some of these have already been brought up and sought after/ruled out but there are some very interesting free agents knocking around:

Seth Johnson
David Thompson
Lee Camp
Titus Bramble
Arjan De Zeeuw
Matt Jarvis
Teddy Sheringham
Danny Spiller
Chris Perry
Ray Parlour
Keith Gillespie
Steve Watson
David Unsworth

one or two are surely worth a punt??


  • Billy Jones at Crewe is well worth a go.

    And, the lad who won the first Football Icon has been released by Chelsea - another kind of freebie and obviously not a first teamer but worth a trial surely?
  • is billy jones a free agent? i'd bite crewe's arm of for him
  • some decent names there few deffo worth looking at
  • Some decent names there? What I see is a load of passed it players, maybe they could do a job in the CCC but not really the sort of players we should be going for I think.

    We have started by signing the up and coming I hope it continues.
  • Billy Jones is, yes - refused to sign a contract during the season.
  • just read up on it mate, he rejected an extension so is on the transfer list for a few mil no doubt with a year to run, that's that


    suggest it runs out this summer.

    In other free transfer related news:
  • Couldn't access the Crewe site but if he is 19 a club would still need to pay a "development " fee (or whatever it is called) to Crewe.
  • Just for Henry...

    Dario Gradi has told the club's official web-site that he has 'had no follow up' in regards to his soon to be out-of-contract youngster Billy Jones. Recently, Dario did take a phone call from an unnamed manager but that initial interest was only to sound out the current situation regarding the clubs' 2005-06 Player-of-the-Season.

    Jones, 19, who has captained the England Under-20's in the past looks set to leave the Alexandra Stadium once his contract expires in July, but Dario Gradi has been rather surprised that no-one has asked about his availability. The club are keen to avoid a tribunal if possible, but on the other hand Dario Gradi feels we have a strong case when considering Jones' already impressive CV.

    Dario informed "I have had no other enquiries in regards to Billy Jones, other than the phone call I took last week. If I was interested in him I would try and get it done as soon as possible.

    "I'm surprised by the whole thing really because I really do think he could play in the Premiership. He is good enough and will only get better with more experience.

    "I don't know what he has in mind. He has been into training briefly, but I haven't really had a chance to speak to him. He could well have agreed to go somewhere in July. If that is the case it it will go down to a tribunal and that will be interesting because Billy has an impressive CV for someone so young.

    "He has played over 150 games, he has captained England up to the Under-20's and has scored goals from midfield in the Championship. He has many fine attributes.

    He added: "I would have thought that I would have had some managers on asking about his strengths and weaknesses, a bit like Alan Pardew did over Luke Varney. I suppose we will just have to wait and see."
  • Thanks Valley.

    Dario seems to be talking him and the price up.
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  • good work guys... still think he's a bit out of our reach though.
  • edited June 2007
    [cite]Posted By: ISawLeaburnScore[/cite]good work guys... still think he's a bit out of our reach though.

    I think you may be right but if no one else comes in soon and we can offer regular first time football to the player and add ons for appearances/caps etc to Crewe we might be able to get him.

    Certainly fits the profile of players that AP bought when at West Ham in CCC.
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