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After there game today was postponed I noticed whilst most teams are playing match 31/32 today, Rochdale have played 27,
Spurs in the cup next week so another game will be off.

Could be playing 2/3 times a week at this rate in March/April


  • Rochdale have to relay their pitch, Paulie.

  • Oggy Red said:

    Rochdale have to relay their pitch, Paulie.

    I know that, just making the point that they have around 5 games in hand(6 next week) to fit into a hectic schedule already
  • Good point, they're gonna struggle to make the playoffs.
  • Doncaster players trying their best to keep the game on
  • By the time we play them in May, hopefully their pitch will be better! They'll be knackered with all the games they have to catch up on
  • Rochdale head groundsman Joshua Haigh has been suspended for six weeks after being found guilty of racially abusing a member of the media.

    An independent regulatory commission found Haigh guilty of an "aggravated breach" of Football Association Rule E3.

    The commission said his behaviour in the incident after February's game against Stockport was "appalling".

    Haigh, who denied the charge, has the right to appeal against the ruling.

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