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Netflix app problems

I have the Netflix App on an old android tablet. Life saver as it maintains my sanity on the long daily commute blocking out the noise pollution of posh kids' inane chatter combined with old people's (50+) nokia ring tones and message notifications that are always inexplicably set on full volume despite the fact the device is less than 18 inches from their hirsute ears.

It works well for a while then I'll go to watch it one day and it will ask me to sign in when offline (ie when I want to watch downloads on the train) then muck about saying I have no network access so I can't get into the main app to watch downloads.

Usually have to uninstall and reinstall again which is a faff.

Any advice will be much appreciated as if I have to spend another journey hearing about Bunty's half term ski jaunt set to the soundtrack of Beryl's text rally I'll be a broken man.


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