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If you can, please help #aaronsbattle

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This is not something I thought I would ever do, but as a family we have tried everything to deal with this ourselves but time is no longer on our side.

My nephew, Aaron who is 29, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in August 2016 after months of misdiagnosis. He is the step son of my brother who along with me was a life long fan, tragically my brother Leigh died in May last year after a 6 year struggle with lung disease and severe depression. This happened in the middle of Aaron's treatment and was a huge blow to Aaron as they were so close.

Aaron has undergone months of grueling radiotherapy and chemotherapy but all that will do is keep the cancer at bay, the cancer he has is incurable with these treatments. His only option, and hope, now is immunotherapy treatment abroad but the cost of this is huge and we has a family cannot raise this money alone. We started a new campaign yesterday, #aaronsbattle, and have spent the last 24 hours on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc trying to get his message out in the hope that money, and awareness, can be raised.

Aaron has managed to remain positive throughout this and has a smile to light up any room despite the pain he is in, he hates the attention that cancer brings and just wants to be treated as Aaron. He worries more about everyone around him regularly ringing me in the middle of treatment to check that I am ok.

I promised my brother that I would do all I could to help both him and his mum so for that reason I ask that if anyone can help I would be so grateful, the link to the go fund me page and more information on his story are below.

Thank you for reading



  • Good luck to your nephew and to raising the funds. Have made a small donation. Cancer is a shit as my family is just finding out at the moment.
  • Good luck.
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    I forgot to mention in the earlier post, if you have Twitter, please retweet, or Facebook, please share - as well as trying to raise money, we are trying to raise awareness of the particular cancer and the need for immunotherapy to be available on the NHS.

    Just search Aaron's Battle on Facebook and @AaronsBattle on Twitter you will be able to find the video message it's the pinned tweet

    Thank you again
  • Good luck - I have happily donated
  • Good Luck - Have donated.
  • Thank you so much, I really appreciate it x
  • Done - Good Luck.
  • Donated, a heart breaking story and I wish Aaron and your family well. He sounds like a great bloke
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  • Thank you so much, I know everyone says it but he is genuinely the loveliest guy and his wife is amazing and so determined that this will work so we have to try x
  • Donated.

    Let's keep everything crossed for a positive outcome.
  • Good luck donated
  • Thank you @Fanny Fanackapan and @Solidgone we won't give up x
  • Article in today's programme about Aaron because of the link to my brother and I.
    Update for anyone who donated and has shown an interest, we are hopeful that Aaron will be going to Germany in a couple of weeks when his current cycle of chemo is finished. Whilst we are a long way off the total needed we have enough to pay for the initial testing and first part of treatment.
    Thanks again for any help it is greatly appreciated
    Jane x
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