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Prediction Knock Out Cup Quarter Final results and replays

There were four close games in the Prediction Knock Out Quarter Finals. @stackitsteve is the lowest ranked entrant to be gracing our Semi Finals next week after a 3-2 win against @Dannoo_86. It’s the end of the road for plucky little @lancashire lad who succumbed to Championship opposition in the shape of @cblock. @Swerve and @stonemuse complete the line up for the Semi Finals.

In the Johnstones Paint, there were goals a-plenty, although @Big_Bob and @RedChaser as well as @clb74 and @charltonkeston will have to battle it out again in replays this weekend.

The draw for the Semi Finals will take place on Monday 19th and will be conducted by one of my dogs. Video to follow.

Prediction Knock Out Cup Quarter Final results

stackitsteve (93) [Conf] v. Dannoo_86 (73) [Lg2] 3-2
lancashire lad (108) [Conf] v. cblock (25) [Champ] 1-2
Swerve (102) [Conf] v. Karim_myBagheri (100) [Conf] 2-1
Tavern (45) [Lg1] v. stonemuse (64) [Lg1] 1-2

Johnstones Paint Prediction Cup Quarter Final results

clb74 (99) [Conf] v. charltonkeston (59) [Lg1] 2-2
RedChaser (21) [Champ] v. Big_Bob (47) [Lg1] 4-4
LenGlover (70) [Lg2] v. redlanered (23) [Champ] 3-1
mrbligh (62) [Lg1] v. jakecafc (111) [Conf] 5-1

Johnstones Paint Prediction Cup Quarter Final replays

charltonkeston (59) [Lg1] v. clb74 (99) [Conf]
Big_Bob (47) v. RedChaser (21) [Champ]


  • Good luck to the 4 replaying Quarter Finalists. But, don't get too carried away. No one remembers winning Quarter Finalists in the Johnstones Paint.
  • Replay results this weekend are:

    charltonkeston (59) [Lg1] v. clb74 (99) [Conf] 2-2 (charltonkeston wins on penalties)
    Big_Bob (47) [Lg1] v. RedChaser (21) [Champ] 1-2

    Scores from the Leicester v Chelsea game were based on score at 90 minutes
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