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Jamie Cureton

edited June 2007 in Rumours
Disillusioned after the sale of Ilewumo, has handed in a transfer request at Col U


  • colchester united front line next year...

    Its been rejected though i heard
  • would be diamond for next season and has the potential for a LOT of goals

    colchester are in for a really really tough season minus halford, iwelumo and possibly cureton and gerken (i'd gladly be looking at both)
  • [cite]Posted By: ISawLeaburnScore[/cite]and gerken

    Last season a set of fans sung to this guy:

    "We all agree, cucumbers are better than gerkens"

    Thats the truth
  • Cureton is 33 next birthday, - I would have thought he was too old, according to Pards criteria.
  • i thought he was 31 ?
  • He was once ;-)
  • Riscardo wasn't......
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