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Royal Standard Blackheath Vanborough Park

Having not been in here for many years, my lads and I popped in a couple of weeks back to try for a gig very pleasant surprise they had a reggae and ska fundraising day very friendly clientele, nice beer nice bar staff and as luck would have it they got a gig and it is tonight 8-30 M.T.Pockets band soul M J, Prince Bruno Mars Hendrix and others will be appearing in some guise or another throughout the evening till 11 then a D.J till 12 will be a bit of a rush down to the White Swan for a couple then the match COYR then back to Bexleyheath then back to Blackheath to set up for 7 Free entry so either Celebrate, Commiserate or just have a good time we are all CAFC including the band since the age of 5. enough of that such a pity if Fosu is deffo out for the rest of the season I hear what people say about Greedy but sometimes forwards have to be or they wont get goals how many times do we see some of our players get the ball in the box and then begin a passing game eventually no one having a shot at all even if he is not in the box he occupies 2 or more defenders with the pace and and footwork giving space for someone else, I am glad also for Ajose who has knuckled down and looks like the player we wanted to sing Hopefully Jacko will get his Cameo but lets begin the singing from the start and carry it on till the final whistle. Come on you Reds!


  • Bloody hell that was a hard read; gave up after a couple of lines.
  • "Prince Bruno Mars Hendrix"

    so wish Will and Kate named their kid that.
  • 1) His band has a gig tonight at The Royal Standard
    2) They're all Charlton fans
    3) Gutted Fosu is out and pleased for Ajose
    4) Hope JJ comes on
  • This was my local for many years when a teenager. Drinking DD (Double Diamond) and then Light ale, those were pre-lager days
  • Bloody hell that was a hard read; gave up after a couple of lines.

    A couple of lines normally gives you staying power.
  • Bloody hell that was a hard read; gave up after a couple of lines.

    Sorry about that ,but with the rest of the family out so no checkers here apart from a spell checker, I can just about see the keyboard and type mainly from memory the screen is like a misty mirror, I have been waiting for cataract operation to both eyes for over 4 years and just getting worse.
    But at least I got to enjoy the Win today. had some help here.
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