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Tracey Leaburn



  • Wonder who her son plays for...

    Not something Carl likes to be mentioned in public for the boy's sake so might be better not to speculate.

    Carl discussed some the difficulties of the academy system when he and Morts came to Bromley Addicks
  • Swisdom said:

    Wonder who her son plays for...

    He's a decent player by all accounts but not fair to say where he is as others have said. Who day we may see him in the red of the Addicks though

    One thing I will say is I spoke to Tracey at length a year ago and her and Carl want the best for their son and won't allow him to be "coerced" as some parents do by clubs. Great that they have a realistic view of life and his development as they are so engrossed in the lives of young footballers.

    Tracey is a real credit to our club and is such a lovely and genuine person.
    Hope wherever he is he has a good career whatever happens for him

    Certainly sounds like he's got two parents who have their heads screwed on and wont put pressure on him for the future - I guess it helps that Carl and Tracey are deeply involved in Football compared to other parents so is harder to turn their heads compared to other parents
  • Tracey epitomises everything that is great about our football club. The word legend is overused in this day and age but Mrs Leaburn deserves that accolade.
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  • Can we nomintae her for an award?

    I agree...
  • Smashing article, Tracey sounds like a very good person.

    The article reminded me of a incident some years ago told to me by my friend Alan .
    Alan wrote to Nottingham Forest football club explaining that his elderly father (a massive Brian Clough fan) was nearing the end of his life.
    Alan asked if it would be possible to surprise his dad to see Clough when forest came to play Norwich at Carrow road.
    (Alan and his family live in Norfolk).
    To Alan's surprise Nottingham Forest replied that it was possible, and to meet the club secretary at a designated place with his dad at 2.15 on the match-day.
    Alan seated his moaning dad in the ground who was wondering why they had to be there 1 hour before kick 2 p.m.
    He moaned even more as Alan suggested they take a walk to see if they could see Brian Clough.
    They met the secretary who led Alan and his confused dad to the Forest changing room, where Brian Clough appeared and greeted the astonished old boy by his christian name.
    Alan said "I stood and watched with a tear in my eye as Brian Clough introduced my dad to each player".
    "They stood in the corner of the changing room Brian Clough and my dad and chatted like a couple of old friends".
    Apparently he told the old boy to come and see him again when Forrest next came to Carrow road.
    Alan said his dad died not long after but often talked proudly about the day he met Brian Clough.

    I think I must have something in my eye
  • Have Tracey and Carl ever been the guests at a supporters club Q & A ? I would think it would make a very interesting evening.
  • Yep. Bromley Addicts and were great guests. Maybe we can find a thread about that one. I am sure Ben will can link one.
  • See Below... Carl and Paul Mortimer

    Tracy Leaburn previously. However, I can't find that one.

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    She was in the audience on that one but I think she was at the one earlier in the year when the main guest was Scott Minto. She took questions then and we asked if she could arrange for a Q and A with Carl and she duly obliged. Carl was very good too, talking about his humble beginnings and how he got into Charlton etc.
  • Great article, met her briefly last year in the millennium lounge after the Shrewsbury debacle, true professional and a credit to the club
  • She puts up with my hero worship of her husband.
    That alone makes her an absolute gem.
    She epitomises what our Charlton is all about.
    Thank god she’s still here xx
  • Hopefully soon we can get back to rebuilding the club around good Charlton people like Tracey!
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    Tracey is cycling to Amsterdam in support of Prostate Cancer UK. At the time of writing she is up to 4% of her target - hopefully we can help her to raise more! (I'm going to donate after posting this)

    I've never met Tracey but she sounds like an absolutely top person.
  • Wonderful lady!
  • Really nice gesture to include her in the Team Photo
  • No guy would give her any grief - in case Carlo did a "Stamford Bridge" on them. :smiley:

    Love Carlo.
  • Top lady,
  • Passionate about her job and all it involves as well as a top lady. 
  • Awaits cute post saying

    "Only ran this story to deflect from the takeover stories"

    : - (

    Nice one Tracey

  • Wonderful lady and a real asset that the club are very lucky to have. Seems to really go that extra mile for all the players.

  • Old-school Charlton - nuff said.

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