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James Corden

Is there anyone who actually likes him? Who can watch him for more that 60 seconds without wanting to chuck their guts up?

I know I can't...


  • Ah thought this was a RIP thread. Glad it's not.

    Can't stand him either.
  • He's good in a Mike Leigh film called "All of Nothing" because he's not trying to be funny.
  • Think he's been over exposed but carpool karaoke is great
  • He was on front row on Radio 4 during the week, came over very well.
  • Gavin and Stacey is the only thing good he’s ever done.
  • Gavin and Stacey is the only thing good he’s ever done.

    History Boys
  • And history boys is great, but he didn’t write that obviously
  • Can't bear him, carpool karaoke is my idea of hell.
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  • Loved him in Gavin & Stacey and generally thereafter.
  • His bladder is too close to his eyes, as my Aunty Bridie used to say.

    I just watched that carpool kareoke but would have preferred it without him singing, crying and especially singing at the end in the Phil Dining Room.
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    Scoham said:

    Recently watched Gavin & Stacey back, every episode is on iPlayer. Still very good.

    I hope he plays Karl Robinson when the film about the Roland years is made.

    Ooh, this sounds like fun, can I vote Ewen Bremner as Tony Watt?

    And Edward Scissorhands as that little prick who was Roland’s advisor picking the team, forgotten his name now....
  • I'm not shooting him down because he's successful. That's the polar opposite to the way I think, although I don't necessarily gauge success on how much dough someone earns, or how much exposure they get.

    I just find him really nauseating when he's himself. What I've seen of G and S, he was okay and he played a good part in the Pierrepoint drama along side Timothy Spall.
  • Loved him in Gavin & stacey.

    Haven't enjoyed anything else he's done
  • He's done very well for himself so good on him. Not my cup of tea though.
  • The fashionable thing right now, is to say you hate James Corden.

    I haven’t got a problem with Corden. I admire the fact he has made a huge success of himself in the United States.

    Eh? He's first on my list every time there's a thread on annoying people etc.

    The first time he came to my attention was years ago when a friend of mine got a G and S DVD for Christmas and we had to watch it from start to finish when we're there for summin to eat. I remember that it was okayish and that JC's character I found quite annoying.

    Nothing to do with his success and nothing to do with the fashion
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  • I don't find him particularly amusing but he's harmless enough. Fair play to him, he's gone a long way on the talent he's got - a sort of TV Simon Church!
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    I dont feel strongly enough about to him to read a thread on a football forum, let alone comment on it.

  • Makes my skin Crawl.
  • He'll probably be our first signing the way things are going.
  • He likes charlton. Thats good enough for me.

    He is probably someone that goes through spells of being a funnyish bloke that knows things and would be a laugh down the pub.

    To then maybe being a bit unnecessarily arrogant, not funny, using plagerism to get by and taking himself too seriously.

    Overall I like him.
  • I remember seeing him as a kid in Fat Friends, if someone had told you back then that he’d end up where he is now you’d have laughed your balls off.

    I am not a fan myself, he’s just a tad too pleased with himself for my liking, but you have to take your hat off to him, he’s done bloody well.
  • Everything about him since the first Gav and Stacey has been absolutely shite s

    His character in that was ok for the first season but grating there in until the toilet brush went up his arse
  • Loved him in Gavin and Stacey, think everything he has done since has been shite.

    But he seems a nice bloke and he tweeted his support against Roland so don't mind him generally, just choose not to watch what he's in.
  • I like him. Good luck to him - has done well.
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