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dazza to liverpool

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this is in today's Sun.

dazza on his way


  • Whilst I'd love him to stay, I'd be more than happy (for Darren's sake) if he were to go to Liverpool or Arsenal (or even United, but I think that's a step too far).
  • Just suppose that Varney is true to his word and we won`t sell Darren for anything less than what the club values him at whatever that figure actually is ? and we don`t get a suitable offer and he remains with us. With the likely outcome that we won`t have any more money to spend. Could we make a serious push for promotion with what we have at the moment taking into account the likely departure of one or two more players ? I think we just might you know !

    Waddya rekon ?

    Bye the way. I am pretty new to this site so be gentle :0)
  • With Baby Bent still in the team I do agree that we could rip the Championship to pieces, despite short-comings elsewhere. We would still need a new keeper to replace Scotty, though. Still reckon 95% certain DB will be off, I'm afraid.
  • sooner or later, somebody will blink first and then the action will the moment, nobody really wants to pay the money db's worth and are no doubt holding back hoping his value will either go down or some previously unheard of striker, costing only £3m or on an unrealised bosman will materialise...sooner or later, one of them will wise up/panic and shove in a reportable opening bid...
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