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Aussie Hand Driers In The Men’s Loos


  • The takeover must be close, I love all these cryptic clues the club are giving us.
  • It’s happening....innit!
  • Aaah but were the Katrien bog roll dispensers still there? So so vain
  • So there really isn’t an Australian consortium trying the buy the club it’s really an Australian consortium trying to flog bog equipment to the club. Wearing the red scarf makes sense now, the old hand dryers were fucking useless and in the absence of hand towels a chap needs something to dry his hands on
  • Good for drying off down under.
  • Shame you can't use them home and away.
  • ...and after the sex on the pitch promotion debacle i just hope we don’t see the free Aussie blow jobs ploy to sell season tickets...
  • Depends whether its Kylie or Paul Hogan giving them.
  • A quick bit of research reveals AM and GM to be directors of Kangarillo.

    I may have made that up.
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  • It’s a sign!

    That it's all hot air
  • Yes but under the current save electricity regime just get one gust per toilet visit
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