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BANDS F.C. - Merging Bands and Football Club Crests

Hadn't seen this Twitter page mentioned here, but they're getting a lot of press coverage with some of the artwork they are coming out with, merging bands into club crests/badges. Some very obscure stuff and has taken me a while to get a few.

Set up by Mark Liptrott of Concrete Studio and Nick Fraser, who does merchandise for The Charlatans...which explains why Charlton/Charlatans were the first badge produced!

Some really great art-work and combinations here. Thought it was worth a thread.

I did have a bit of banter with a Spanner on Twitter, when I suggested that his mob would be better represented by Pussy Riot, instead of Cat Power. He seemed to enjoy that in public, but then sent me a direct message about waiting for the 18.15 from Charlton Station, having an idiot owner and where were we in the league...before blocking me! Typical...all mouth and then "run away"!!! :-)


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