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Albie Morgan - signed for Blackpool on a 3 year (+1 year option) deal (p54)

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Deserves his own thread. Good debut today, especially as a youngster that hasn’t really been talked about. Gomez, Lookman, Cousins etc were all expected to break through. Morgan’s one of those I’ve only seen a few mention as a future first team player.

According to Seb he’s our first player born after 2000.

Don’t know much about him myself but looks like he can play a part this season. For those that have watched him in the youth teams what’s his best position?


  • Very impressed by the young lad,showed for the ball,didnt waste it and took a mean set piece! Well done lad
  • Copied over from my Post Match Review

    Felt he was thrown in slightly early but his delivery was 10x better than Marshall's and showed some good touches, will be one to watch as the season progresses

    Could be that he was told to go on and play a free role (which made him look as though he was a bit headless chicken at times) yet certainly harried and pressured their players on the ball - I hope that we play Lapslie | Maloney | Morgan on Tuesday night
  • I thought he did really well. Didn’t seem phased by making his debut. Had good awareness and the confidence to pick a forward pass. Small and sticky like Ozrtumer. I think he can break into the team.
  • Morgan didn't look out of place today - a battling second half performance.
  • Bravo young man
  • Great debut. Might actually score from a corner this season
  • Yes It looked like he could take a corner
  • Congratulations to Albie Morgan who became V858 today v Shrewsbury
  • Very impressed. Lapslie was excellent, seemed to cover every inch of the pitch.
  • Somebody once said you don’t win anything with kids but i’m definitely impressed with this latest crop that’s come through. Early days for them but a good start. First time I’ve seen Morgan play, I must have missed the other dozen games in the first team judging by that performance
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  • Very good debut and didn’t look out of place in the side. Comfortable on the ball and I like the fact he takes responsibility with the set-pieces.

    Have seen him a couple of times but can’t say I would know his best position, he looked clever enough to play in that role behind the striker(s).
  • Only just remembered this

    Liked how clued up Lapslie and Morgan were to see that Shrewsbury were messing around and rushed to try and take a quick corner

    Their Defence clocked on and stopped it happening yet was good to see them try!!
  • Think I saw him vs Brighton and didn’t look out of place at all. Glad he had a good game.
  • Liked the cut of Captain Morgan’s jib today. Thought he looked like a young Darren Pitcher. Well done the Academy. From Solly through to Morgan. Something to be very proud of.
  • Just love watching these kids,Albie had no fear,and his corners were the best wwe haave seen at the Valley,for years
  • Looks like Darren Pitcher. Was impressed with his debut though and did not looked fazed when he came on.
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    I thought Lapslie and Morgan were excellent today. I bet the yellow toothed tosser is rubbing his hands at some more money coming in during the next transfer window.
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  • He wanted the ball - refreshing good display
  • Top banana, played the game effortlessly .
  • That chip into Pratley was brilliant! As Bow said Morgan's not scared to make things happen and he did that today!
  • Redrobo said:

    What a superb team of coaches we have. Truly unbelievable number of quality players they produce. The confidence of these youngsters to make the pass is most refreshing, but more importantly is their attitude. Quality performance by both.

    Good that we are producing "footballers" too as opposed to big lumps
  • Just seen the highlights! Morgan looks so good on the ball! Dare I say it! He reminds me of Robert Lee , those turns and effortless passing and so comfortable on the ball!
  • Great performance from him... Thought he looks like a mini clive mendonca
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