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Isle of dogs movie, your view

Interested to read people's impressions of that movie.
Not so much weather you think it is a 'brilliant' or 'crap' movie, but rather, were you taken in by it or otherwise.

Wes Anderson's movie invites you to 'work it out' and admire.
that's fine, there's quite a few things to admire - i can do that.
I even managed to work out some of the plot, together with the hip dialogues - recognising a few famous voices...

To me, the movie was shiny, laminated, with no cracks.
Too obediently presentable, and cracks, (misbehaviour, swing, smells, sex, food, mess, wrongness etc') Are what I need in order to 'get in'.

My default state of mind when sitting down at the cinema is: ' I know nothing, make me horny, hope the restaurant is still open when we come out'.

So for me during the first 15 minutes the movie goes through most of its tricks and then going on to spend the rest of the time talking about and to itself.
And I think, 'give the man an Oscar and lets go eat'.

This movie has the feel of an exam for those who paid attention.
It assumes we know and care about what it knows and cares about.

I'm drifting off, lamenting Charlton's inability to ever score that elusive 2nd goal.

I'm not worthy...
born to porn...

Reminded me of a few jazz gigs I've been subjected to.

So what was I left with..?

Cold, apocalyptic (poor Japan, it's been over 70 years now),
and, ah yeah...
a white girl saviour...

My wife and sister both sat next to me and loved the movie from the moment we parked the car.

No shit,

Over to you


  • What where and when?
  • I guess a professional movie critic will delve into the “meaning” behind any movie, but for me, watching a Wes Anderson movie is simply a joyful experience. If your wife and sister loved it, make sure they see Moonrise Kingdom which is full of wonder and a lot of fun
  • What does Watt say about it?
  • Can’t stand Wes Anderson movies . Grand Budapest Hotel was awful and literally gave me a migraine . It was like sitting on a two hour geography or Technical Drawing lesson .
  • I thought this film had been discussed on the 'Latest Films' thread?
  • I thought this film had been discussed on the 'Latest Films' thread?

    Sorry, should have posted there.
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