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Today is the day! LET'S GET OUR CLUB BACK!


  • We need George Armstrong Custer to lead the charge...oh, wait a minute.
  • Christ, that's emotional. I hope everyone gets round the car park today.
  • That’s a great video
  • Just superb, thank you. Can we get this to the RAT so he sees what he is up against? Roland, you will lose this battle so do one now.
  • They all died in the film lol
  • Unfortunately me and Jnr can't be with you today but as they say here in Texas,

    Excuse me?
    Sorry,what did you say?
    Can you repeat that?
    Are you Australian?

    Remember the Alamo!
  • edited August 2018
    Another fabulous, moving, video.
    Roland Duchatelet should be utterly ashamed of himself.
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  • This needs to be kept near the top of the page as a serious reminder of where we are at this moment in time.....

    ....and who is 100% to blame.
  • Brilliant video. Good work.
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Roland Out!