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Mid-table? We'll be lucky...



  • Definitely now challenging Coventry for second place. Think that the Oystons will go down in history as worst people ever to own a football club in the UK.
  • drewman said:

    We've already had one unnecessary relegation under RD.

    If he's still here in January expect another fire sale which would finish us off from League One. We flirted with relegation two seasons ago and that was with a bigger squad lined with players that should get in most teams too.

    Not to mention pretty much the entire squad is out of contract in the summer. It just doesn't bear thinking about where we could be in 12 month's time.

    Whoever takes us over has one hell of a job to steady the ship.

    There is no reason why we would not have to take one step back to move two steps forward, who is to say we may not get relegated once taken over?
    Yes this is possible but that's if a takeover happens after the January window any new owner's hands will be tied.

    It makes it all the more important to get behind Bowyer, Jackson and the team to keep us in this division so we can have a summer rebuild under new ownership hopefully.
    Didn't people say that last year?
    Probably but relegation wasn't a real threat last year. It is this year.
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