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Delete please

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  • Well said mate
  • Why delete?
  • Scoham said:

    Why delete?

    It got posted twice (doh).
  • Would be delighted if they took us over even if the usual suspects would complain.
  • I like the sentiment and the positive thoughts, but I am not sure that is 'in our hands'. The owners will be deciding who is manager, what players are on the books and how the club is run etc. If you are asking us to give the new owners (assuming it happens one day) a fair crack of the whip and give them a chance, then I am right behind you. Even if the new owners are good, it is going to be like turning a big ship round and will take some time to sort out the mess. However, we still await news of RD's departure. I'll not hold my breath.
  • Can't believe it, takeover finalised on Monday?!?!! Madness. No ifs, no buts, party at The Valley tomorrow!
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