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Charlton Live - Podcast out now - Reaction to Fleetwood with exclusive Bowyer interview + Protests

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Listen live via our website here - or if that doesn't work, via the tune in website here - - or via the Tune In app on your mobile phone/tablet.

We're back at 7pm as we look back at the game yesterday and the protests. We've got an exclusive interview with Lee Bowyer and will also read out your views on the match. We also speak to Clive Harris from CARD about the crisp protest yesterday and John Barnes from the ROT Party about what they are doing out in Belgium.

Give us your views on all and sundry via the contact methods below.

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  • Happy Birthday Louis!

    I don’t know about ‘living the dream’ , yesterday was a bit of a bore fest, to say the least, we desperately need to get injured creative players back / and sign some new ones as well.

    Have we got anyone at the club who can put in a decent cross?

    Strikers are crying out for service, miss Pearce at the back bigtime, although Nabys done all right, performance and results all a bit meh, still recovering from Southend away on Boxing Day, dreading what they might do to us on Saturday, if we don’t show up.

    #roland out #crisps are great
  • Happy birthday louis and evening all

    Regarding the game, felt it was drab. More importantly, not sure of Bowyers style of play, and really beginning to be concerned that we dont have the quality or quantity of player to even challenge for promotion. Takeover situation is also utterly ridiculous, apathy has well and truly set in. Long way back.
  • Me personally. He will go. Keep up the pressure from all alongs. Crisp was a good idea but not much to delat the game. What about mini footballs nex time with all of Roland's failures messages onmini footballs.
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Roland Out!