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  • Katrien looks on disgusted as Cabbles head is turned
  • That's a rather enigmatic arse!
  • "She was look at me!"

    "No, she was looking at me!"
  • Ear, you have become such a moaner. If you won't let me give you a pearl necklace then I can look at that birds arse.

    (Sorry, its very poor)
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    van Gogh: "My other ear isn't working, I just turned this way round so I could hear you".
    Vermeer girl: "What makes you think she'd be interested in someone wearing a short-sleeved plaid shirt that went out of fashion in the early 1990s? You ginger wanker."
  • Or
    Vermeer girl to Ben Stokes: "Come on you don't want to get into another brawl in the street right now do you?"
  • I’d give my right ear to have a go on that.
  • The next woman to be shagged by Boris Becker in a broom cupboard
  • What the hell did she call me?
  • "It's a lot smaller than I expected"
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    Nice arse but a shit smile.
  • `You do know that's a man right`?
  • Girl on the right -"You'd like to give her a pearl necklace? But you only gave me an earring."
  • Van Gogh “I can see why he painted the front”.
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    Is the girl in the pearl neckless saying to Van Gogh "Quick we'll miss the bus"?
  • Mona had learnt long ago that if you really wanted to let a really attention getting fart out and get that enigmatic smile on your face nothing beats a beef vindaloo the night before...
  • "Stop looking at her arse"

  • VVG: Oh,,,you mean her name’s actually Mooner Lisa!
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    Vermeer girl: You've got a right one here.
    VVG: No I haven't.
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  • Not an art expert at all but I think that one might be a fake!
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