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Bowyer on Grant and Taylor

“They’re both doing well. I think Lyle has got five now and Karlan three. The good thing for me is that they’ve learnt since the Accrington game, they are looking for each other and they are working in more of a partnership and we’ve got Igor (Vetokele) on the bench as well now. He got valuable minutes the other night for the U23s so there is competition and when there is competition everybody produces and does better because they have to so they stay in the side. They both realise that and they’re doing well so I’m happy with the way things are going with them at the moment.”

“All you can do is try and get them to realise what each other’s strengths are. The only way you can do that is to keep putting them in the same team (in training), like in small-sided games and things like that. (For example) If you are playing in games and Karlan is shooting, you know as the other striker he is going to shoot across the goal. Small little details but then you know you might have the chance of a tap-in from the keeper’s rebound. Small little things but they make big differences. More so Karlan, he’s realising and he’s learning to make the right decisions in and around that final third. Like you’ve seen, he’s set-up Lyle a couple of times and Lyle has got goals and he gets rewarded from that himself with a good goal at Bradford.”

“I think it was good for him to go to Crawley. My friend Harry Kewell was there, I knew that he would make a positive impact on him, so that was a big part why he went there. To go there, grow in confidence and build his confidence back up because obviously he was here, he wasn’t really featuring. He scored a few goals but then he wasn’t really in the frame. But now it’s all changed, he’s come back pre-season looking good and he deserves to be playing.”

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  • He has done superbly well this season. Hope he signs a new contract.
  • I guess he's basically saying: energy, strength, ability and intelligence = success. And Grant needed to go Crawley to develop these.

    Not to mention those nine goals will have given a TON of confidence
  • I saw Grant score his first league goal at Cardiff a few seasons back .. he took it so coolly and accurately that it was clear he had great potential .. now he's had experience out on loan, is more mature and he's put on some muscle, he is 'fulfilling his early promise' to say the least

    It looks as though he and Taylor enjoy playing together and seem to be developing that 6th sense that successful partnerships need .. I dare say that recent good coaching and tactical development have also played a huge part
  • Just really hope nothing bad comes out of the Ibiza incident! KG has been superb from what i have seen!
  • Steve Avery told us at the CASTrust AGM last year that there was more to come from Karlan.
  • Just really hope nothing bad comes out of the Ibiza incident! KG has been superb from what i have seen!

    From what the judge said I think he will be fine, I really hope so.

    I also hope he signs a contract. 21 last week. We could have a good striker for the next 12 years!
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  • Last January with Robinson still manager, as Karlan was about to go on loan to Crawley, Bowyer was quoted as saying that he very much rated him, and was sure Grant would in time prove to be a very decent striker.

    In the playoffs, Bowyer also said that he wished he could have added Karlan to the squad to play Shrewsbury.

  • Not ashamed to admit I was one of the many to write Grant off. Still early days but he’s proving me wrong.

    Still has a lot to improve but he’s young enough to do just that. His partnership with Taylor is arguably even more important than his individual potential and that’s what has impressed me the most, although only seen 2 games
  • In comparison Taylor at the same age as Grant is now had left Concord Rangers for Bournemouth (league one then) and was sent out on loan to Lewes.
  • alicwkd said:

    I know it's easy to say now he's playing well, but I honestly always believed Karlan would make it for us even when a lot of people were writing him off.

    Easy to forget he's still only 21 as well. Feels like he's been around forever. I think he could go on to be a good championship striker.

    He was asked to do too much too soon because of the lack of depth in the squad. Roland almost caused Karlan's ruination. Yet another reason to hate the bastard.
  • LB is right, and to be fair, he usually is.
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