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Dunno what happened to the other thread about the ATP Finals, but anyway I wanted to write something and noticed there was no general Tennis thread, so here it is


  • Credit to Jack Sock and Mike Bryan

    Bob and Mike playes an event in May where Bob pulled out injured.

    Jack Sock has since been playing doubles with Mike Bryan and together they have won
    US Open
    World Tour Finals
  • Bob has said that he is now fine and him and Mike will aim to play a full schedule next season, harsh on Jack Sock but I suppose he always knew it would happen
  • Novak v Zverev in the final about to start on BBC 2
  • Djokovic has just been broke for the 1st time this week
  • The only thing that interested me in tennis was this.

  • Djokovic broken for the 2nd time this week and twice in a row now

    Zverev a set and a break up and heading for the biggest win of his career
  • Great 2nd set

    Zverev broke to go 1-0 up
    Djokovic broke to make it 1-1
    Zverev broke to go 2-1 up

    Zverev has now broke 3 games in a row
  • Zverev win 2-0
  • Big win for Zverev, maybe his breakthrough moment
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