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Coventry Owners lambasted in Wednesday's 'I' newspaper

Under the headline: Owner's have done best to crush Coventry's spirit - but they have failed -

the story (on page 51) goes on to relate the now 11 years of intransigence shown by Sisu in their dealings with the The Council and the RicoH stadium. A story in which the fans don't feature as 'stakeholders' at all.

Evidently, a national newspaper created a misery table in 2016 for all 47 clubs which had played in The Premiership with Coventry 3rd to bottom with Portsmouth and Wimbledon below (the latter of course having to re-invent itself after the owner upped sticks to Militon Keynes). Surely, Charlton would now being in the mix at the bottom with no real sign of a Duchaltelet sale despite the noises off stage.

The final paragraph could however have been written for Charlton as we battle on awaiting the ultimate salvation of new owners:

Coventry City are proof that football clubs are damn resilient, fuelled by loyalty, duty and love when more tangible materials have run dry

It was those very qualities, loyalty, duty and love of the club that Meire mocked in fans forum meetings when, taking her cue from Duchatelet she believed that the fans could be 're-educated' into compliant customers devoid of emotional attachment to the club and eager to consume instead a manufactured 'match day experience'

And so it goes on..............refer to the Counting The Days Thread.


  • The i newspaper is a superb read and this was another spot on article.
    I travelled on the train surrounded by Coventry fans two years ago when two of the lads who weren't drunk articulated the nightmare under their hedge fund owner and said they would do a swap with Duchatelet even thou they realized he was an eccentric old fool with a dodgy network of clubs with the raison d'etre of selling young players for mega profit.

    I declined the offer of their owner but said we would gladly sent Roland to Coventry.
  • Haven't they suffered enough?
  • iaitch said:

    Haven't they suffered enough?

    Don't mention the war.
  • iaitch said:

    Haven't they suffered enough?

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