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Sky PL tonight - JJ

Been out shopping tonight then went for food and drink. Walk in to Glasgow city centre pub to see Charlton glory days on TV - beating Arsenal, drawing with Man U etc. Cut to interview with Jonatan Johansson. Now manager of Greenock Morton. Unfortunately no sound but he seemed to be narrating our/his story to the point of us thrashing Chelsea (only showed our four goals, not their two). Then pics of Ranieri and Parker signing for them. After that it was just poignant and scenic pictures of JJ in the West of Scotland. Seems it's not only fans who regret that moment.

Anyone else catch it? Seemed to be on Sky PL Channel- not where we tend to go looking for CAFC these days, sadly.


  • My first Charlton hero. What a man.
  • LenGlover said:

    Was I the only one to think this thread would be about Johnnie Jackson?

    No! And please don’t use TODAY in the thread title - use the date as today has gone...if you see what I mean!
  • Like Samson, should never have got his hair cut. He was never quite the same player after that...
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