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Buying tickets for games abroad

Evening all,

I know some of you attend fixtures abroad. German, Dutch leagues etc. What's the best way of getting tickets? I've always wanted to go to a Dortmund match. I'd imagine the sell out pretty quickly so is it worth emailing the club?
I've looked online and flight,hotel,match ticket packages are available but not sure if they're a trustworthy source.



  • @RedPanda - this one’s for you mate.
  • used viagogo for dortmund paid around 50 euros a ticket for halfway line
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    @RedPanda - this one’s for you mate.

    Heh, thanks. Always buy through the club, Bayern and Dortmund are the only problems in Germany (so require an agency). Ajax and Feyenoord were easy enough to order on their own sites when I went.

    Always look to combine multiple games! If you want specific club info feel free to PM me.
  • Thanks for the help lads
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