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Cover to Cover: I still haven't found what I'm looking for

Two versions of the same song.

Listen to both without prejudice and say which you prefer.

U2's original from 1987 or Scottish band the Chimes cover from 1990


  • Thought this was another Brexit thread ;-)
  • Loved that Chimes version when I was younger. I still prefer it.

    I’m sure I have the album on cassette somewhere.
  • I must admit, I had never heard of the Chimes, but I like there version better.
    The Chimes they are a changing me
  • First time I've heard the Chimes version, it's very good.

    Still prefer U2 version, probably due to the guitar sound.
  • Can’t stand U2 . A crankies version would get my vote over them . Chimes it is .
  • I love The Chimes version, but .... U2 for me.
  • I thought this was a joke. U2 by a mile.
  • Don't really like U2 but I prefer their version
  • Often I am pretty indifferent to both choices, but this time I quite like both. Not a lot in it, but perhaps I will go for U2 because they promote the sentiment of the song more strongly.
  • No comparison is there?
    U2 all day, that other lot should be called The Crimes, slow it down, smash some dof dof plastic drum machine on it and put it out...all that is bad in music.
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  • Haven't heard that Chimes version since it was out around 1990, which probably says something!

    Nice vocals, but a vote for U2
  • Never heard the chimes version and not bothered if I never hear it again. I can see the skill but it’s just not my thing. I don’t much care for what U2 have become but this track is an all time favourite and that guitar sound is truly iconic.
  • U2. I love the music they did in that period.
  • Don't like either but U2 Edge it.
  • U2 by only a million miles or so, but mostly cos the other version is jank
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