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Ice skate rinks in London

Know a few open up over the festivities. Any recommendations for families?
Just seen one at tobacco dock.


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    There's one at the Tower of London and one at Canary Wharf. I think there's one at the Natural History Museum as well
  • There is usually 1 at winter wonderland
  • Usually one at Somerset House and one at Broadgate.
  • i don't know what ones are real ice i always liked the ice bowl in gillingham.
  • I'd go to the one with the nearest A&E.
  • Canary Wharf is decent but not cheap.

    They limit the amount of people on the ice as well so it doesn't get too busy.
  • Addickted said:

    I'd go to the one with the nearest A&E.

    Excellent suggestion. In all my 40+ years I have never graced the ice with a pair of skates.
    Cant say I'm really looking forward to it!
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