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Xmas Threads 2018 - Christmas Day Drinking

What's been done so far?

What's going to be washed down with the dinner?

What's on the agenda for later?


  • into a 2002 vintage champers that I found tucked away in the garage, the 2012 black stump reserve shiraz is warming up for a 4pm lunch

    later? - no idea
  • Black stump is my favourite wine. Envious but enjoy
  • Got a bottle of Chateau Neuf du Pape for lunch, don't know what any one else is having mind .
  • Jaeger Bombs done... At 7:35
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    Rose wine with lunch.

    Vintage port or Moscatel sherry late afternoon.

    Barolo this evening.
  • Having a few pre lunch Whistable Bay blondes in the pub in Tonbridge with the brother in law. Champers on ice for dinner, g&t’s and baileys lined up for later.
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    Bucks Fizz for brekkie
    Irish coffee after doggo walk
    A couple of Cloudy Bay SB with lunch
    Old Fashioneds and Negronis for afterwards
    More wine with dinner
    Aged Rum, Bailey's, Port and Sloe Gins after dinner playing games
    Beers and prosecco interspersed throughout
  • Several Morettis in the pub. Maybe a few more.
    Then sipping lager whilst cooking.
    A red wine during dinner.
    Then back to the sipping lager until I withdraw for the night.
  • Nice bottle of Malbec and a bottle of Pouilly For over lunch.

    A glass of bubbly before for me although the boy is having a pint of tribute.

    Port and/or sloe gin later with cheese
  • Proper slow on the uptake today. Couple of glasses of Buck’s Fizz at breakfast and 2 pints of Asahi for the Xmas lunch in the pub....

    Got a cheese board later so tempted to get the red wine out
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  • I’ve been lucky this year I come down with the norovirus a few days back.
    Christmas and I haven’t had a drink or anything to eat since Friday night.
    On the plus side we’ve got plenty of food, drink and stuff to consume when things slow down and I feel confident that they will stay down.
    Shiteist Christmas in my life.
  • Chin up @charltonkeston

    Bucks Fizz, American lager that beer snobs would turn their nose up at, sparkling rose, gin, now back on the lager. Think the night will end with an Amaretto.

    Rarely drink at home so this all feels different
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    Just tucking into a 2009 Barolo.
    Had a few cans on Neck Oil earlier.
  • Did my bit today. Driving duties.TBF I don't normally get too blotted Xmas day. Picked up the the family. Did a bulk of the cooking. Kept everyone topped up. Then took them all back home.
    I'm now back home demolishing a lovely bottle of pinot Noir and a great f******* wedge of stilton.

    Merry Christmas everyone.
  • Champers and the sherry prepping dinner.

    Then red wine.

    A couple of peronnis.

    Topped off with Baileys.
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    Some of you will have a sore head tomorrow!

    I’ve had prosecco with orange juice pre and post Christmas lunch (we only have the one massive meal in my house) and since then I’ve been on the Borolo. Sainsburys finest but it’s bloody nice for all that.

    I’ve been trying not to get too smashed this year, I lost my Nan on Thursday (my mums mum) so I’ve been keeping myself in control. But she bloody loved Christmas and a good drink, the Irish blood ran stong, so this next one is for her and for all the lifers missing someone this Christmas.

    Sir Chrissy Powell bless you all!
  • Bucks Fizz early then whisky, g & t, more whisky, IPA, Vinho Verde, whisky and bed...
  • Few glasses of Champagne with breakie and then a couple of bottles of bitter after work whilst cooking dinner. Lovely bottle of Amarone with our dinner. Cold can of cider late on with cold meat sarni whilst watching cricket and WHTTLL Christmas special.
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