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  • Will Roland have gone by then?
  • iaitch said:

    Will Roland have gone by then?

    No, but the Australian takeover will be close
  • Seems totally credible to me.

    Can't see any flaws in his story at all.
  • There will be people who completely believe him and lots of them. It worries me that these people who buy into so much nonsense, fake news and conspiracy theories are all around us.
  • Time traveling videos on YouTube ard the best.
    The old granny at the Charlie Chaplin premier.
    Bloke at the opening of a bridge in Canada.
    Bloke at the Tyson fight.

    The legend of the stockbroker who made 80 million in two weeks and then disappeared.

    The sad thing is they never tell you stuff worth knowing such as the winners of the cup, who the next president will be (unless The Simpsons have already told you)
    Or whether HS2 will get built.
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    Yes, it seems true that, "Some people actually have parts of their bodies distorted because of the process":

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Roland Out!