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Charlton Live - PODCAST OUT - Posh reaction with Lee Bowyer and Karlan Grant departure chat

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Listen live via our website here - or if that doesn't work, via the tune in website here - - or via the Tune In app on your mobile phone/tablet.

Join us at 7pm or via the podcast afterwards. We'll look back at yesterday's draw with Peterborough and also discuss the news that Karlan Grant is set to depart The Valley for Huddersfield Town. We'll hear the highlights of the game and Lee Bowyer's full post-match interview. We also want to hear your views on Grant's exit.

Contact the studio -

Email [email protected]
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  • Bump, show time
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    I'm coming down from Manchester to see my family and celebrate my 30th birthday when we play dad got us tickets before Acrington, and I had been rather looking forward to watching an in-form Grant and Taylor propel us up into 2nd. You'd think I'd have learned about the futility of optimism by now!
  • Shame to see him go. However wish him good luck. Ignoring Roland aside... £2 million for a player who was never going to sign a new contract is better than nothing. Alledgley rumours that us and Sunderland have had a £1m bif for Ozemer accepted. When he played for Wallsall at the time I thought what a great player he was and not realised he was on our books before...
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