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Gordon Banks - RIP



  • edited February 2019
    One of the true legends of English football. RIP. 
    Apparently he trained harder than practically any other keeper at that time. Used to finish training covered in bruises. 
  • RIP Banksy.........!
    That save from Pele..........!
  • All time great.  RIP
  • A hero of my youth and a fantastic keeper.

    Remember when a boy at my school lost an eye and Gordon wrote to him as he too had lost an eye.

  • Wonderful keeper.
    We would have won the WC twice if he had been well in Mexico.
  • RIP.
    A genuine great.
  • I doubt there’s a single football fan in the world over the age of 30 that doesn’t know of him. RIP
  • Rest in peace
    Sad day today

    I was Gordon Banks so many times when i was little and not even Pele could beat me
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  • RIP. 
    Never saw him play live, but the highlights iv'e seen of him are unbelievable.
  • Very sad news. RIP.
  • RIP - a true legend
  • RIP, a real legend of the game and indeed of English sport
  • RIP Gordon...

    One of the greatest ever Goalkeepers in the game!!
  • RIP....England have been blessed with some great keepers but doubt any were as good as Gordon.
  • He was the gold standard for goalkeepers.
  • Why was he never knighted?

    Why weren’t they all?

    Greaters sporting achievement, and when you look at some that all these honours it just seems wrong.

    Great player and a credit to the whole of football. RIP Mr Banks. Thanks for the memories.
  • What a choker. RIP Gordon Banks. One of my early heroes and a true gentleman. 
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  • Sad news, a great man and goal keeper. It was sad enough when he lost the sight in one eye to put an end to a great caree. I remeber  many times when watching england football on the TV  as child  I would leap up after thinking no way could he pull off a save and he did, many more times than most keepers would, My condolences to his family.
  • The Old Man would make a point of taking me as a nipper every time Chelsea faced Banks because he was "worth paying to see on his own." If he hadn't lost an eye in a car crash he would have undoubtedly gone on to be the greatest goalkeeper ever.
  • Legend RIP Banksey....
  • RIP Gordon. Probably made the best ever save.
  • Although he was a good age, this still feels like a shock, he was such a legend when I first got into football.  


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