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What Makes Fans of Football clubs...Happy?



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    Injuring shins on the seat in front of me due to a late winner away against a side with a trappy support.
    So it's not just me
  • Bad stuff happening to rival clubs.

    If the nigels or millwall went bankrupt... :):)
  • Carter said:
    1. What do you want for Charlton? Is it more. If we win or ....HOW we win? What is more important? 

    I always want us to win, however I'm realistic and as long as the players give it their all and compete I won't be unhappy 

    2. What has been your top 3 best moments of being a Charlton fan. From your perspective. No one else's. 
    The happiest you have ever felt...the best moment....while watching Charlton?

    1 Play off final 1998 
    2 Beating millwall home and away in the 95/96 season
    3 Relegating palace 

    3. Has football lost its Soul? Or is it in decline? 

    Yes, it is no longer then hand if the working class male. I fully accept that society has moved on however the plastic armchair expert sky have created anger me. 

    Tackling is almost outlawed now, and tackling is as bigger art of the game as sliding a pass between a full back and centre half for a channel runner to get on the end of 

    I could actually talk for hours about how sterile football is now, how money has all but killed football ambition for 99% of clubs, how swearing is tutted at, and how shitarses like duchatalot can do what they are doing to us with absolute impunity because all he needs to keep his life protest-free is a handful of decent results a few times a season 
    Good post and echoes pretty much exactly what I would have said 
  • 1. Just about the winning for me (and bragging rights) - the Accrington game was shocking for 90 mins but I was buzzing for days after that last minute goal.

    2. Sunderland play off final, Dennis in the last minute, Lisbie late goal at Chelsea.

    3. Has lost its soul.
  • Not being owned by a complete bellend 
  • Proper , proper away size followings . Packed to the rafters , bouncing , singing , atmosphere  
    not reliant on a decent run of results and closish proximity of the fixture 
    Us turning up with 2k of fans rather than 200 to a northern outpost 
    leeds when they were shit still had superb numbers 
    The question was what makes fans happy, not what gives OohAhh a raging hard-on. 
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