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Prediction Knock Out Cup 2019 5th round draw/Johnstones Paint 4th round draw/Replay results

The replays in the Prediction Knock Out Cup produced a major upset. It’s hard not to assume that @Bangkokaddick’s team had too many Singha beers the night before as @Foresthillred travelled all the way to Bangkok and won 5-0. In the other replay, @Taxi_Lad put paid to any aspirations @Throughthickandthin had of progressing to Wembley with an emphatic 4-1 win. In the Johnstones Paint, @Raplhmilne scraped home 1-0 in the replay.

Prediction Knock Out Cup 4th Round replay results

Throughthickandthin (85) v. Taxi_Lad (52) 1-4

Bangkokaddick (16) v. Foresthillred (62) 0-5 

Johnstones Paint Prediction Cup 3rd Round replay result 

Raplhmilne (100) v. Chef-Addick (97) 1-0

The draw for the Quarter-Finals were completed today with ties taking place this weekend. The draw is as follows: 

Prediction Knock Out Cup 5th Round draw

Taxi_Lad (41) v. Foresthillred (33)

RedChaser (51) v. Karim_myBagheri (15)

Mrbligh (35) v. Sillybilly (10)

Bosseyedduck (66) v. Covered end junior (68)

Johnstones Paint Prediction Cup 4th Round draw

Paddy Powell (14) v. Eaststandmike (50)

Stonemuse (12) v. IdleHans (74)

Raplhmilne (107) v. Thai malaysia addick (32)

NorthheathAddick (114) v. Robroy (37)


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