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Support for SMIV (Youtuber who creates entertaining football content)

Good evening Lifers! I've been wanting to post this on here for awhile but I was wondering if any of you on here have ever heard of a Youtuber called SMIV?

He runs one of Youtube's most popular Sunday League Football teams going by the name of Palmers FC and also does other football related content on his channel including his most popular series called On The Road, where he goes around and visits different football grounds in the UK and rates them on various things (He has done Charlton and it's a great video, will put the link at the end of this). 

Anyway, SMIV has been doing the Sunday League Football content for a few years now and his channel is starting to grow slowly but surely, however, he just had a baby girl in September so his work life balance has been frustrating so he is really looking for more Youtube support. If any of you have a few minutes of time on Youtube (don't we all), I encourage you to check out his channel and subscribe! His commentary on the Palmers games is hilarious and his On The Road series is my favorite on Youtube. It's really the closest I've gotten to actually being in the Valley. 

And if you're really feeling generous, here is the link to his Patreon if you want to make a donation to his channel. (

Hope you'll check his channels out! Link to his channel and the Charlton On The Road are below

Palmers FC channel-
SMIV's Personal Channel-

Charlton On The Road


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