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Google Doodles


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    that's a lot of fun :smiley:
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    For those who haven't played around with it much, if you click on the red button with the star on it on the left hand side, you get a scroll wheel on the console that lets you change the key signature, and allows you to use shorter notes. Clicking and holding on a particular note allows you to change it to sharp or flat (or natural if you're using a key with sharps or flats), and clicking on the speaker on the right hand side changes over to more synth-like output
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    Stig said:
    Is this not the best one ever?
    This is fantastic and wonderful to play with but for me, it does well in proving how AI isn't yet all-conquering, and just how human music is.

    Bach broke his own rules every which way when it came to part writing and voice leading, and the AI is... sort of alright, but it's great that it's far from perfect!
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    Really sad one today. I'd never heard of Eddie Aikau before but he saved 500 lives before being lost at sea. I guess he took one risk too many.

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