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Blackburn, Bolton and Birmingham: Seven charts showing how Championship clubs reached this point

Great article on the Finances of these 3 clubs. Hadn't realised how much money Blackburn lost in getting promotion last season


  • The FL should grow a pair, take the PL to court for anti-competition rules to ban parachute payments artificially supporting clubs and start forcing clubs promoted to the PL to pay up any debts owed v FFP - if they don’t then just double the penalty every season until they are relegated back to the Championship.

    this may stop Championship clubs chucking crazy money at a pipe dream as it becomes a more even division and more sustainable.

    On a wider point, I think the world has changed to one of instant success driven by Social Media.  

    People are less and less inclined to support their local team when they can watch ‘the stars’ as much as they want from their sofa and if they want can go a couple of times a year to one of the large stadia and sit on a heated, padded seat with a blanket and a Starbucks hot chocolate with marsh mellows.

    clubs outside the PL trough are in a phase of wasting decades of history chasing the dream and I suspect with the ever increasing parachute money that within the next 5-10 the PL will either have broken away from the FL or created such a financial block to clubs outside they may as well have.

  • Some shocking figures in the article. We need to ensure that it comes to Roland’s attention. He must be bricking it at the prospect of promotion.

    Losses have escalated massively in the last three years or so when Brighton, I believe it was, tipped the balance in favour of practically doubling the permissible losses to £39 million over three years. Lots of pressure from the Premier League to push through those changes, given the financial chasm that now exists in the game.

    The financial recklessness has obviously been exacerbated by the influx of overseas money into the Championship, particularly from China - with Villa’s former owner (“top 5 in Europe”) and Birmingham’s current owners (a clue in the name -‘Trillion’) being paradigm examples.

    No wonder Duchatelet wants out and is happier with us paddling around in League 1, notwithstanding the level of losses he’s sustaining. 

    I see that Sheffield Wednesday have yet to file their 17/18 accounts. I had a few beers with a Wednesday supporting mate earlier this month and he said they are in trouble with the FFP limits and should have sold someone like Adam Reach in the January window. They have a number of players on big contracts that  no one else wants.

    A familiar tale, I’m afraid.
  • Seems Chinese money is not only damaging domestic football but also English football. Our national team has become a complete joke now. We qualified for the World Cup in 2002 but these days we can't even beat the likes of Thailand. All the money poured into the Chinese league has attracted the super stars but done nothing more. The league has become bigger and bigger yet as a result of foreign stars coming in, Chinese football has suffered significantly and our players have been going backwards rapidly.

    To be honest I don't understand why the rich Chinese people are interested in investing large sums of money in English football because it's obviously a highly risky business and (I guess) most of the Chinese investors normally want quick financial return. Some say they are laundering money. I'm not sure how they do it exactly. But I totally agree with all of you that the money involved in football nowadays is way way too much. The wages and the transfer prices are crazy. It won't change though it seems.

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    The Championship is a good league to watch but a nightmare league for clubs to be in. The players are massively over-paid and it's all about taking huge, future threatening, gambles.

    It's gone well for Reading hasn't it? Massive losses and could be relegated this season too.

    I look forward with interest to seeing Derby County's accounts for the same period. That bloke Morris has done his shirt too.

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