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A Sunderland Preview

Northern tongue firmly in Northern cheek before you start listing all the mistakes like it was RCT's mum


  • At least they've set the bar quite low for me...
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    I’ve been to that pub, The Charltons.
  • Stewart said:
    I’ve been to that pub, The Charltons.
    My condolences, thoughts with the family etc’. Hope you wiped your feet on the way out. 
  • Have a good laugh now ye Mackems, y'all will be weeping and gnashing yer teeth come Sunday evening 
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    "The Charlton's" reminds me that I grew up in south-east London with Makem neighbours. They were good people but returned after ten years or so to run a pub. They knew they were starting at the bottom but you could have written book about the antics of the locals. Apart from having "cockney bastards" painted on the outside of the pub just to help them settle in and numerous fights with aggressive customers who would refuse to pay for their drink or try it on in other ways, one afternoon an old man who was a regular died in his chair. The landlord went to phone the authorities and returned to see that the old man's unfinished pint and small change had been taken. 
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