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We are going to lose because...

The whole season has been storyboarded, scripted and financially influenced by the unscrupulous financial backing of Netflix.

The fixture list that conveniently had us both as the opening fixture

The late drama on that opening day

The Josh Maja saga and the Karlan Grant sale

The deviation from Sunderland 'walking the league' to 'blown it' to 'going up in the most occasion-impacting way'

The retainer paid to Roland to stop him selling so that we remain a more-interesting 'club at war'

The working of screen-friendly Jonny Williams back into being an impacting character

The fake coppers / security officer that cost Doncaster the semi

The ultimate showcase final that pairs two clubs in a rematch of the greatest club game at Wembley ever.

Its right there in front of us. The obvious 2nd series triumph in the bounce back of 1st series despair.

And there's nothing we can do about it.

18 tickets spare in the lower tier now if anyone is interested...


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    Anyone else got any FACT reasons on why we are going to lose?
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    Because oohahh said so (in every thread he opens). FACT
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    SKY have deliberately ensured that this Play-Off Final happens...

    Is like the Mighty Duck films, we see the likeable Ducks losing the first game yet despite all the odds and a small bit of strange training they over come the bullying opponents

    When we hear the Sunderland players / fans start going Quak, Quak, Quak before the game you'll all know its true
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    Anyone else got any FACT reasons on why we are going to lose?
    I have - because we are Charlton.
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    From the BBC FACT . Team that usually wear red n white stripes don't win. In the 13 play-off finals featuring Brentford, Exeter City, Lincoln City, Sheffield United or Sunderland - none of these sides have won. ...............
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    My lucky red pants that I wear to every game now have a gaping hole in them so are pretty unwearable (put my leg through them getting them on last week).

    I may still wear them though.  Will just have to hang loose for the day (wearing shorts will definitely be out of the question!)

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    If you want to break any hoodoo over your team, generally it's good to play Charlton.
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