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Sponsor your local non league team (Sittingbourne FC)

Hi everyone 

I was recently appointed Chairman of the supporters club of my hometown club in the UK and I really want to help them generate a little extra income this season through sponsorship deals with local companies.

The club is Sittingbourne FC and they are currently playing their football in the 8th tier of English football (the Bostik South East League).

I am an unpaid volunteer and nobody from the club is asking me to write this post. 

Apologies Admin if this type of request is not permitted on CL but I wanted to reach out to my fellow Addicks in case they can help.

If there are any CL members living in the Swale area (or anywhere else for that matter!) who might like to help out I’d really love to hear from you. Maybe you have friends or family members who own a business and want a little bit of extra exposure whilst at the same time helping out their local club? No Belgians though please! 

PM me if interested.
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