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Check out....

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Frankie Valley's site again today. He has spectacularly pissed of the spuds with hilarious effects. Even been branded a racist!!


  • Can't believe some of those Spurs fans.

    Does Frankie post on here????????
  • I'm not sure whether I should laugh or hold my head in my hands, I assume he has a look but whether he posts or not I wouldn't have the first idea. Too big a fish for this lake maybe??

    I don't suppose he has time however what with all this inciting racial hatred malarkey......

    My word they don't do themselves any favours do they!!

  • we wouldn't let that racist bully on here :-)

    he is a lurker i believe...
  • Quite right too smudge, can't have him poisoning innocent minds on here after all.

    What was I even thinking

  • Bumped, if anyone didn't have a look at the comments bit on have a butchers today. He has encouraged out some of the best elements of the spud support. It is truly astonishing how thick these numpts are!!

    He's been called a few things too!
    'journo-scum'.... WTF!!!

    Absolutely mind-blowing genius
  • i reckon you're Frankie splitter the way you promote him!
  • You know as well as I do, I'm far too thick to come out with the wit and repartee that chap can.

    Medders is the new splitter!!
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