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"Charlton's academy keeps producing young players who make the grade" - Guardian Article


  • "Charlton's academy keeps producing young players that make the grade,which our fuck wit owner and his cronies sell for peanuts"

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    Great article. Shame about a couple of the poorly constructed comments underneath it 😀. 
  • that first section is just about the best advert for buying CAFC
    Still doesn't make it worth a fraction of what the twunt is demanding
    Patently it's worth less than when roly bought it after he "did his DD" 🤣
    Those crooked buffoons at EFL moved the goalposts on the poor deluded wankstain by upping the permitted* losses from £6m to 13 per season
    He's a businessman, successful to boot, so the team's in the same division, similar numbers of season ticket holders (allegedly) as when he bought it but the market in which he is playing is more difficult, the cost base has more than doubled - probably makes the PV of the club about 45% what it was then.  Round numbers for the hard of counting: 45% of £18m = approx £8m - there you are roly, your reasonable selling price.
    "Property values" what? they're unchanged you bungling cadaver you still can't do much else with the real estate than run a football club - but you know that cos you did your DD didn't you?  Except what you bought was a property speculation wasn't it?  The spivs sold you a pup but you just can't admit it can you?  You never gave a fornication about football, anywhere, it' all been about craven greed, avarice, rapacity.  You were used to getting your own way locally by whatever means but you dropped both bollocks in South London.  Swallow it up, take your haircut and this irritation will all be over.

    * permitted losses for the credulous old loser for whom English is not his first language does not mean compulsory losses - you don't have to piss away £13mil per season if you can run the club more efficiently than that - £50mil's worth of academy produced talent in the last few years alone - from which you harnessed maybe 20 from your splendid stewardship and perspicacious management?
    Just sell it and do one, your last atom of credibility blew away more than 3 years ago.
  • Good to hear how Alex Willis is doing out in the United States from the article too

    Bit of a shame he left as he was gaining a good scoring record in our Youth Team, still respect him for chasing an education first though
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    I couldn't read the article after seeing the  story appear on my phone with the collage of Lookman, Gomez, Grant and Konsa at the top wearing the shirts of other teams.
    Just too depressing.

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