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Bumped Into Roland Last Night At The Valley.....

I had a dream last night that i was at the valley , and saw Roland being chased round the Valley by an angry mob.

Amazingly he stopped to talk to me , i managed to talk calmly and politely about what we had done to the club, and why he should sell up as soon as possible.

He was apologetic about what he had done, said he had tried his best.

Done this mean we are closer to a takeover, or should i leave be the Aldi Cider?


  • Maybe skip the bedtime J tonight!
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    I had a few ciders and dreamt I was at the Valley and a couple of naked page three girls were chasing me all around the pitch threatening to make mad passionate love to me when they caught me. I woke up in a cold sweat, questioning why I was running. I only had Aldi cider left but downed a couple and tried to resume my dream where I left off. Great, I found myself on the Valley turf but instead of naked page three girls, a naked Roland and Richard Murray started chasing me! Thankfully, Roland stopped to apologise to a chap and Murray was not that quick - was that you he stopped for? What does all this mean!
  • Cant wait for the season to start.
  • Lets hope Aldi are out of cider tonight...
  • I knew there was a reason I didn't drink Cider !
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    Before i became teetotal about five years ago, save the odd pint of shandy on a rare night out, i was an avid cider drinker, mainly Westons White Top and a lot of it.  Apart from the incontenence, bed wetting and general feeling of being fucked, i did have some rather strange dreams. Fortunately none involved a daft Belgian shitweasel...
  • I wish I could remember the name of the radioactive orange cider (like 1980s tango before they banned the artifical colouring)  that caused me to fall asleep in the loo at a mini festival I went to in the dim and distant past. Firstly so I could try it again under rather more controlled conditions, and secondly to warn you all about how lethal it was.
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Roland Out!