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Adam Matthews - (ed signed, page 3)



  • Him and his missus are welcome down the Valley any time...
    The sister of cosmetic surgeon Dr Leah Totton who won The Apprentice a few years ago
    So a new pair of lips for Christmas?

    Love Siss x
  • What's with that young lady's lips - gawd awful
  • Only two and a half pages since the signing was announced. We really have had a good transfer window haven't we? A page of the comments are about his missus n'all.
  • Scoham said:
    Ends all the suggestions that Oshilaja was signed to play right back. Nice to have a more attacking alternative (going on what Gallen has said).

    Does anyone still think the squad is too small? We now have 2 per position plus 3 extras, who you’d probably say were Lapslie, Morgan and JFC.

    The obvious concern is Page at left back due to his injuries.

    What I like is we have different types of players, for example if we need a more physical “number 10” we can play Aneke rather than Williams or Oztumer.  This isn't a lightweight squad like Robinson built, or a huge squad full of players that'll never play regularly like Pardew put together (anyone remember Dean Sinclair or Stuart Fleetwood?).
    The midfield is still very small but players like Cullen aren’t lightweight. 

    Agreed about the squad. Only player we can’t adequately replace is Purrington although we have 2/3 that could probably be ok there. Hopefully a miracle occurs and Page gets (and stays) fit. 
  • Saw him play quite a few times during his stint at Bristol City while I lived down there - a very good right back at this level, both going forward (mostly) but also defensively.

    Not sure how much injuries have affected him since but if he's still the same played then I'd expect him to be our first choice RB by Christmas, I reckon he offers more than Solly as an overall package.

    Oshilaja has looked good at RB when I've seen him there this season but good to have a specialist.

    Cracking signing on a free transfer yet again, COYR.
  • What a turnaround.

    Who would have thought 6 weeks ago we’d sign a player and everyone is largely “meh” ?

    gotta laugh
    When will the first posts moaning about having nothing to moaning about be? 
  • Did I read somewhere he has played a fair bit at LB?
  • But, and crucially, has anyone said how tall he is?
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  • Did I read somewhere he has played a fair bit at LB?

    Mentioned in here, filled in at left back when Sunderland were relegated from the Championship.
  • I think Deji did okay against forest and  his battling earned him some extra praise but doesn’t look a natural right back to me. Solly defo not the player he was and the fact we don’t play with wingers makes the demands even higher so this signing ticks a lot of boxes
  • With the depth we have now we’ll be able to rest players if they’ve got a minor injury or need a break. It should result in fewer injuries and therefore more competition for places.

    Going to be interesting to see who’s left out of the squad once Kayal and Matthews are ready to be involved.
  • When you have good players on the bench, it is a sign you are in a decent place.
  • Him and his missus are welcome down the Valley any time...
    Not a patch on Gallagher's bird...

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    Very interesting signing.
    Adam Matthew's was going to be the next big thing for Cardiff 10 years ago when only 17. After just a few games Man United were interested. As is the life of a pro footballer Celtic not United was his next move when he was in the team that beat Barcelona !
    (Tony Watt game ?)
    Lost his place eventually and went to Sunderland which is the graveyard for many careers in recent years.
    At 27 his career has stalled, some small Injuries hasn't helped but being an attacking full back he will suit our style of play when he gets his chance.

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  • Richard J said:
    In effect we have replaced Dyksteel with a specialist right back and utilised the fee to assist in bringing in the other loanees plus Hemed and Oztumer. 

    I would have accepted Matthews for Dyksteel because although he improved I still felt RB was not his natural position as his start at the Riverside has demonstrated.

    I think most of us would have been happy with the activity on deadline day and the three recruited afterwards. 
    No way would Matthews for Dijksteel been a positive move. One is going forwards and one backwards. I agree with the other players it was the right thing to do. 

    Alan Hutton "had offers from Championship clubs", wonder if this was the other option we were considering?

    Not that I'm suggesting we offered Hutton a deal but we may have been one of the Championship teams interested in him
  • Scoham said:
    remarkable ((:>)
  • se9addick said:
    Never heard of him, but everyone seems excited, so I am too
    I don't think he's going to be a world beater but we don't want to rely on Solly for 40+ games so it's great to have another option. Deji played a blinder there against Forest but if Solly and Lockyer were both out you would then be playing two left hand sided CB's. 

    Best squad we have had under Roland. It's balanced and if anything we have 1 or 2 too many. Outstanding achievement by Gallen and Bowyer. 
    Agree its the best squad we have had under Roland. However, bare in mind we will likely lose Cullen in Jan and chances are he may not be the only recalled. I hope i am wrong and we keep this sqaud for the season as it really could do rather well and surprise us all.
  • CAFCsayer said:
    Him and his missus are welcome down the Valley any time...
    Not a patch on Gallagher's bird...

    Bit flat chested for me, not to mention grumpy looking. 
  • I dont get it either

    Must have been his wage demands surely??
  • I dont get it either

    Must have been his wage demands surely??
    Other clubs that he has spoken too this summer .... wouldn't let him sing.

    He desperately wanted to sign for Charlton though. He had heard that every new player, as part of their initiation has to sing a song in front of the team. Sod the football, Matthews just wants to sing: 

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